The island of Gan is located directly south of the equator. It is part of the Addu-Atoll, which is the southernmost atoll in the Maldives. This atoll is the second most densely populated region of the country after the capital Male. Gan itself is five kilometres long by three kilometres wide making it the largest island in the atoll. 20 kilometres of man-made causeways link Gan and the other islands of the Western Lagoon into a continuous chain.


During the Second World War, Gan became an important air base for the British RAF. Tensions arising from the Cold War led Britain to maintain a strategic presence here until 1976.

Reminders of the British influence on these islands can still be seen today in the landscaping and in the style of buildings.


At the Equator Village resort 78 bungalows are beautifully integrated into a luxuriant tropical garden of flowering bushes and trees. All the rooms are very spacious and equipped with air conditioning, a fridge and hot showers. The hotel has an open-air restaurant, a bar and a television room. Other facilities on offer include tennis courts, a billiard room with full-size billiard table, and a freshwater swimming pool with poolside bar. Bicycles are available for rent, offering an ideal way to make your own exploratory tour of Gan and the neighboring islands. The marvellous Equator Village is the only resort on the atoll and it's located just one kilometre from Gan National Airport.


The Diverland home on Gan is not a typical Maldives beach resort set on an isolated private island. Instead, guests have the opportunity to explore the area and freely visit the friendly local communities on the neighboring islands. They only ask that you show the proper respect for local customs. While there is lots to see on land, it is the underwater attractions that bring divers back to Addu Atoll again and again.

Divers looking for large, colorful coral colonies of all species and forms will not be disappointed. Addu Atoll was lucky to have been spared the effects of the coral bleaching of 1998 that other reefs in the Maldives are still recovering from.


Divers keen to see some of our larger underwater wildlife will find much to quicken their pulse. Addu Atoll is one of the few places in the Maldives where giant manta rays, with wingspans of 5 meters plus, can be found throughout the year. The channels and outer reefs of this atoll are also home to a number of shark species, hawksbill and green turtles, and abundant schools of large fish. For the wreck diver we have the "British Loyalty", largest shipwreck in all the Maldives. This 143 metres long oil tanker was torpedoed twice by enemy submarines during World War II, but survived to be scuttled by the British themselves in January 1946. Since then it is located on sandy ground below the sheltered waters on the inside of the atoll. At depths of 16-33 metres it offers perfect wreck diving conditions. One more stunning fact: there is plenty of excellent coral growth with healthy colonies of both hard and soft corals.


At Diverland we make sure that divers of all levels get their money's worth. We happily cater to the needs of experienced divers, as well as complete beginners and those who want to advance their dive training. Our team of SSI instructors offer a full range of dive courses from the entry-level Open Water Diver certification up to professional Divemaster. If you are leading a dive group please contact us in advance of your arrival so that we can let you know about our special group rates.


We look forward to welcoming you to Equator Village. Once here you will soon be enjoying some of the very best diving the Maldives has to offer.


Kind regards,

Wolfgang and the Diverland Gan Team