If the breathtaking views of atolls, islands and lagoons that you glimpse during the descent into Male' International Airport leaves you wanting more, than the air taxi transfer to Summer Island is just offering. Flying in a 16 seater Twin Otter seaplane gives you a second chance to fully appreciate the splendor and beauty of this island nation from the air.


For those who can't wait to get onto the water, the boat transfer offers a first opportunity to look out for flying fish and pods of dolphin. However you decide to travel it won't be long before you reach your chosen destination: Summer Island Village.


As you step onto the main jetty the crystal clear waters of the lagoon will reveal a host of reef creatures waiting to greet you. Curious batfish, wary stingrays and a giant moray eel all make their homes here alongside scores of brilliantly colored reef fish. The jetty leads you onto a garden island with an informal environment carefully designed to help you relax and forget the cares of the outside world. The lovingly tended gardens have attracted native species of small parrots, as well as fruit bats and the island's resident heron.


Summer Island is found close to the outside reef on the north-western edge of North-Male'-Atoll. This is an ideal location for a dive centre because it put us within easy reach of some 40 top spots that offer very different types of diving.


For the adrenaline addicted ones we have channel dives with strong currents that whisk you along at an exhilarating rate (make sure your mask is on tight!). In places these currents cause upwellings where large sharks congregate to cruise effortlessly back and forth. Examples of such spots are the legendary shark points at Kuda Faru and Woshi Mas Thila.

Divers who prefer a more relaxed pace will enjoy the Outside Reef with its minimal current, superb visibility and a lot to see at all depths. The overhangs along the bottom reef make ideal resting places for smaller white tip reef shark. Over the middle reef countless blue triggerfish gather to feed and a school of batfish might follow you for the whole dive. The cracks and crevices of the top reef attract lobster, moray eel, and the splendidly decorated lionfish.

Madigaa and Eriyadhoo Outside are two of the prime spots on the Outside Reef.

Keen underwater naturalists will enjoy the dives of the inside atoll where hard and soft corals are fast recolonizing the reef and attracting the highest diversity of colorful smaller fish. The coral growth at Ziyaarai Thila and Blue Canyon is among the best of North Male' Atoll. During the northeast monsoon, from November through April, giant manta rays regularly come to the thilas (sea mounts) of North Male' Atoll to feed and visit the cleaning stations. Encounters with other big fish, such as grey reef shark, eagle rays, and Napoleon wrasse, are a year round possibility.


With 33 years of diving experience in the Maldives and an impeccable safety record the Diverland team has taken over the dive center on Summer Island in 2003. At Diverland we ensure that divers of all experience levels get their money's worth. We happily cater to the needs of more accomplished divers, as well as complete beginners and those who want to advance their dive training. Our team of SSI instructors offer a full range of scuba courses from the entry-level Scuba Diver certification up to professional Divemaster and Instructor.

 If you are leading a dive group please contact us in advance of your arrival so that we can let you know about our special group rates.


We look forward to welcoming you to Summer Island Village. Once here you will soon be enjoying the very best of North Male' Atoll diving.


Kind regards,

Wolfgang and the Diverland Summer Island Team.